Lariats By Lily is hand-made artisan jewelry designed from brilliant gemstones.  LBL loves to produce the beauty of contrasts--jewelry that adds sophistication and polish, yet remains a bit unconventional and a tad irreverant. Fantabulous gems + artistic moxie is the secret ingredient in every handcrafted bauble.

Our lariat is a lengthy necklace with open, dangling ends which gives tons of creative choices for tying, knotting, twisting, looping, etc. 

Like her lariat sister, the go-go necklace is also a very long necklace that can be worn in a variety of ways.  With its closed ends sealed with a clasp, this super-duper fun piece allows for many options of wearing it single, double or triple-stranded.

The flower power necklace provides a kick of color that brings easy glam. Take a gander at the tiger lily necklace - a look that makes naughty girls rock & nice girls roll.  And the elle be elle collection is the pick for those times when it's just fun to take a "more is more" approach to styling.

Desire a playful palette? Maybe something more dramatic?  Choose your perfect dynamic sparkler; or better yet, pile it on...mix.match.layer. Just know that you will feel luminous and dazzling whenever the Lariats By Lily is worn.